Water Based Acrylic Ester Copolymer Emulsion Resins

There are types of hard, semi-hard and soft which can be used for manufacturing non- woven fabrics with different hardness. Different degree of resin hardness can be obtained by different ratio blends between various resins.

This product is suitable for the synthetic fibers and cotton-synthetic fibers mix. Excellent flexibility, washability, colour value and pigment adhesion can be obtained.

Major applications are for producing exterior water based paints which can be divided as high and semi-gloss grades. All these products possess good brushability, water resistance, pigment miscibility.

These products are suitable for producing OPP, PVC, PET, paper tapes or labels which possess good tackness, cohesion strength and adhesion strength.

They are suitable for leather finishing and leather surface finishing which have good flexibility, solvent resistance and strong adhesion.

The products are designed as flocking binders of fabrics, industrial materials and plastics. The products possess excellent flexibility, bonding strength, as well as water and solvent resistance.

The product are used as binder for lamination of all kind of sponges and textile fabrics with excellent water resistance and adhesion strength.small payday loanssmall payday loanssmall payday loans

Gloss Agent for Paper and Wallpaper Coating. Binder for Art Paper and MC Coating. Water Repellent Agent.

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